Memory Chess



Take Family Game Night to the Next Level!

Stuck at home?
Add our memory chess game to your families board game collection and watch it become an instant classic! This addictive & highly competitive memory game helps with strengthening memory, decision making, social interaction, and critical thinking all while having a blast!

Great educational game for kids!

Can be played by 2-6 players and widely used casually, gatherings, classrooms, or trips! It’s a great game to bring a family together with laughs and joy, especially the competitive ones! Appropriate for both younger & older players. Fun for all ages.

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How to Play:

The objective of this fun board game is simple. Roll the dice to reveal a color, pick a matching color pin on the board, and collect as many pieces as possible. If the pin you pull up does not match it is the other players turn. The player with the most pins at the end WINS!

Easy enough for anyone to play so no one is left out!

TIP: Remember where & what colors the opponent puts back!


  • All players roll the dice & pick a color, first one to get a match goes first. 
  • If no more colors for a specific color, reroll.
  • If player pulls a stick the same color as rolled, they get to roll again.

A perfect warming gift for any family!